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As a trusted video production company, we are highly experienced at producing creative video content that connects brands with their target audiences. We pride ourselves on working with you to make the process of creating captivating videos as easy as possible. Working with a large scope of clients, from some of the biggest retailers in the UK to start-ups, we continue to recognise that each one requires a bespoke communications solution. Take a read below as we share some of the success stories from our valued customers.

Our work with Philips began in 2012 by creating the monthly newsletter PNN (Philips News Network) that showed their online network of colleague news, notable milestones and breakthroughs have been made by the company. We ingested material from all of their global markets to create a piece that was shared internationally. We were tasked with creating video content to aid Philips’ recruitment push.

We created twelve videos across two years in the UK & Ireland in order to help Philips attract top level talent from graduate level all the way through to senior management.These videos were pushed across their YouTube and Social Media channels through paid advertising. The work has gained lots of exposure throughout the entire company leading onto us creating four similar recruitment videos for their Central & Eastern Europe part of the business, as well as another four videos for their Madrid and Dubai markets.

A promotional film employing motion control to seamlessly transition between decades. One of our larger productions that included a complete studio set build, followed by editing the pieces of live-action/animation together, sound effects and further advanced processes such as compositing and colour correction. ‘Sport through the Ages’ Is a flagship film delivered by the creative team at Tailwind. Designed to showcase the latest 4K television, the film takes viewers through the emotions of some of the key sporting highlights over the decades. The advert was viral social media hit gaining over 1 million views on social media platforms and was played in store for over three months.

“The goal of the film was to demonstrate in an engaging way that while the way we feel when we watch sport, the emotions and the anticipation have not changed over the decades, the way we watch our favourite sports has. The aim was to create something to mark the start of the Rugby World Cup and to show the incredible technology we have on offer for watching sports. The film was used within our website, stores and our social media channels and was a big hit with audiences thanks to memories it evoked and the creative way it changed through the eras. Tailwind were, as ever, fantastic to work with and completely over delivered for us.”
– Chris Brown, Currys PC World

We’ve been working with National Enabling Programmes (NEP) alongside Cumbria Police Constabulary as they introduce Microsoft Intune for Android devices to provide officers with far greater autonomy in carrying out their duties whilst using secure operating systems. This video introduces both the new software and devices that will provide officers with far greater autonomy in carrying out their duties, while reminding officers that it’s acceptable to work from within the community. This film will prepare officers for what is to come and demonstrate the new ways of communicating and the new connectivity.

Our crew spent the day in Carlisle with the Cumbria Police Constabulary capturing the new operating systems and devices along with interviewing the Constabulary Superintendent, Matt Kennerley, who gave us an overview of how this new technology will benefit officers and streamline their ways of working.

One of our biggest campaigns to date. We were approached by Wolf Experience to develop a suite of social media and microsite films to announce a competition to win tickets to an intimate Olly Murs gig celebrating Pringles 25th birthday. In total we created 5 films all with unique call to actions that counted down the days to the event. Oh, and we also filmed the intimate live event with Olly Murs too!

With a brief to create short teaser films directing people to the microsite, where a final film told people how to enter the competition, we tapped into the jovial side of Olly Murs and the Pringles brand by using a giant Pringles can to trap OllyFollowing the launch of the films to Facebook, the films gathered over 1 million hits and over 4,000 likes, comments and shares as well as over 15,000 competition entries; which made this the most engaged Pringles campaign ever.

The University of Surrey are a student-focused establishment, wanting to attract the most engaged and vibrant students, both locally and internationally. They pride themselves on their personable approach in teaching and mentoring throughout student’s studies, taking particular care to showcase their incredibly vibrant campus. We were tasked with creating a film that captured the range experiences, cultures and personalities one can expect to see at The University of Surrey, while showing the common ground shared between all students. Since completing the project, this film has been shared on all their social media platforms and website.

The film was pitched to us as needing to be engaging, eye-catching and energetic. Tailwind love jobs where we can help a client find an idea they like, and the challenge in this project was to deliver something informative and fun, as well as match-framing in every single shot to get the effect that the chair was not moving.

Tesco Ignite is the annual tech event and showcase for Tesco Technology. Featuring keynotes from leaders within Tesco as well as demonstrations and workshops on new technologies for the benefit of their colleagues across the globe. In previous years Tailwind have been requested to produce ‘taste of the day’ films to showcase the day and present a flavour of what happens at these events alongside snippets from the keynotes and vox pops from colleagues in attendance.

Utilising a 3-camera set up, a wide skill base of camera operators, vision mixers, audio engineers, floor managers and more to ensure the event ran without a hitch. The result was an engaging 2-hour event, delivered live across the globe to thousands of viewers in over 4 continents. Feedback from the event was phenomenally positive with Tailwind praised for the quality of the content as well as the ease of the production process.

Play Plant Breathe approached us via an enquiry form on our website. As a new start-up they had had some enquiries with other video production companies but not settled on who to use. After some initial consultation via e-mail, we set up a call on Teams to meet with the people behind the project and find out more. Through a web-based raffle, Play Plant Breathe are hoping to plant more trees and reduce C02 emissions through a raffle to win your own forest and a camper van too and needed a promotional launch video for their socials.

We assisted the team in writing their script, advising on what was feasible on their budget as well as sourcing locations, extras and most importantly – a VW Camper Van which was to be used in the film. Our Producers were successful in finding the right people, location and the camper van all within a few weeks and the film was shot in a day.

The end result was an engaging video ready to show the world PPB’s message and hopefully raise awareness on climate change and an approach to reduce it.

In summer 2021, we were entrusted by UCAS to create launch materials for their revolutionary Myriad app. Following the success of an overview film, shared with Vice Chancellors across the UK university sector, we created a suite of films both promoting the application as well as instructional films for end users. Both the promotional and instructional suite had a global audience of post graduate students. In order to meet this challenge, we ensured that all messaging was clear, simple, and easily adaptable for different audiences.

As Myriad is a new product, we needed to create dynamic and informative videos that would engage both student and education providers. They understood our requirements and produced a great suite of videos for our marketing campaign. A great team of professionals, and their ability to be agile and responsive was a huge bonus!”
 Ria O’Sullivan, UCAS

Using our skilled crew, we flew to Edinburgh to meet with the client and progressed through our shooting schedule, meeting with staff at the Tattoo before preparing for a full evening’s shoot to cover as much of the event as possible. With our highly organised staff, we were able to keep on time and ensured we got the best footage we could to detail the fantastic event and engage with guests to record their wonder and reactions to the event. 

This brief presented an interesting challenge to Tailwind, and one we met head-on. The Military Tattoo has all broadcast and media rights owned by the BBC. Whilst we were allowed to film at the event and even permitted to set up on the show ground itself, several weeks of negotiations had to be made on what would be permitted in the final edit. Thankfully all footage was cleared thanks to strong and clear communication from the team.

We began to film a large student engagement video with University College London, however, due to the pandemic, the filming had to be put on hold. Carrying on the relationship we had with UCL throughout lockdown, we used the existing footage we had, accompanied with some animation, to put together a fantastic video that truly highlights our flexibility and creativity.

Making videos with tailwind is an absolute pleasure, they take care of the entire process so that you can focus on getting the messaging right. The end products are always impressive, have impact and very professional.
– Sally Elsmore, University College London

We’re always ready to sink our teeth into new challenges and projects.

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