The Project

Tesco regularly opens their doors to intakes of interns each year for training programmes which kick off with an induction event to welcome them all. Our great relationship with Tesco spans 10 years and we were once again tasked with creating creative content on this interns welcoming day. In order to provide a taste of the action to prospective interns, we traveled down to capture the day in full.

This time however we had the task to provide video, photography and audiovisual support with a same day delivery. Shooting throughout the day with a dedicated editor who produced two 1-minute videos for Instagram which were posted at 12pm and 4pm on the same day. Less than a week later we produced a full video of the entire day to showcase on Linkedin. These videos showcased a mixture of interview ‘vox-pops’ with new interns as well as highlights from the day’s activities.

Our Approach

Jobs like these are a testament to the skill and organisation we have at Tailwind and our ability to continually deliver fantastic video even under the tightest of deadlines. Once again we have delivered on time and with great results that can be seen on social media across the globe.

We know that Tesco has a strong desire to communicate with their audiences through video online, and the key to success here is in understanding that audience. Strong collaboration between ourselves and the client has been hugely influential in the project’s success.

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