The Project

The University of Surrey are a student-focused establishment, wanting to attract the most engaged and vibrant students, both locally and internationally. They pride themselves on their personable approach in teaching and mentoring throughout student’s studies, taking particular care to showcase their incredibly vibrant campus.

We were tasked with creating a film that captured the range experiences, cultures and personalities one can expect to see at The University of Surrey, while showing the common ground shared between all students. Since completing the project, this film has been shared on all their social media platforms and websit

Our Approach

The film was pitched to us as needing to be engaging, eye-catching and energetic. Tailwind love jobs where we can help a client find an idea they like, and the challenge in this project was to deliver something informative and fun, as well as match-framing in every single shot to get the effect that the chair was not moving.

We worked with a 3-person crew to capture all interview footage needed in just 1 shoot day. The next challenge came in the edit where we had to sift through 20+ interviews to find appropriate content for the social media campaign. The University of Surrey collaborated as a guide with our creative team throughout post-production to deliver the campaign to their set deadline for UCAS applications.

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