The Project

When the Tailwind Group creative team first sat down with the University of Surrey (back in October 2018) it was clear they were looking for a fresh take on how to tell graduate stories. They wanted to showcase a series of stories to build awareness of Surrey and studying in the UK. Essentially, these videos had to be unique and leave a lasting impact. When developing the creative for this project our core driver was ‘real people and real stories’ which focused on the human element of packing your life up and studying somewhere completely alien. From the outset we wanted the viewers to get a real sense of this, we wanted them to taste what life was like at the University of Surrey and hear about the achievement’s graduates have made post study.

Our Approach

The shoot took place over 4 days, initially filming at Holly’s home where Holly’s dad flew from America to London to tell us about Holly’s childhood, growing up, and her journey of moving to the UK to pursue her dream. This interview, in particular, was pivotal to adding a layer of emotion to the story.The post-production ran throughout January 2019 and saw the main film produced, accompanied by 5 smaller films that supplement the website content, each one expanding on the main chapters of her journey. This was also followed by creating a 60 second and 7 second advert for promotion on Instagram and Facebook.

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