The Project

Play Plant Breathe approached us via an enquiry form on our website. As a new start-up they had had some enquiries with other video production companies but not settled on who to use. After some initial consultation via e-mail, we set up a call on Teams to meet with the people behind the project and find out more. Through a web-based raffle, Play Plant Breathe are hoping to plant more trees and reduce C02 emissions through a raffle to win your own forest and a camper van too and needed a promotional launch video for their socials.

Our Approach

We assisted the team in writing their script, advising on what was feasible on their budget as well as sourcing locations, extras and most importantly – a VW Camper Van which was to be used in the film. Our Producers were successful in finding the right people, location and the camper van all within a few weeks and the film was shot in a day. The end result was an engaging video ready to show the world PPB’s message and hopefully raise awareness on climate change and an approach to reduce it.

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