The Project

Performing a range of songs specially picked for this exclusive Imagine Cruising experience, Katherine Jenkins serenaded guests under the stars with her famous “voice of an angel”. It was an intimate and emotional experience that will stay with us for years to come. We’ve been working with Imagine Cruising since 2016 and have produced 93 films in total targeted at alternate audiences and markets on a multitude of platforms around the world. Discover the magic for yourself by watching Katherine Jenkins perform to our customers in Rome and hear about their experiences of the evening.

Our Approach

While we handled the promotion of the events we felt that they were missing out on the opportunity of including opinions from guests at the event which could be used to promote future events. The opinions from the guests have proven to be the most effective way of selling the cruise packages seen in the films. The thoughts and opinions of the guests at the events and on the cruises now form the basis of the videos

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