The Project

Imagine Cruising offer packages and experiences that take guests for more than just a cruise. Having provided Imagine with several videos that covered these events in the past, we were invited to join Imagine at the 2018 Royal Military Tattoo in Edinburgh along with some of their guests from Australia and South Africa who would be attending the event and a special pre-show dinner in Edinburgh castle.

The video brief was to capture footage of the event and the guest experience whilst providing an engaging and immersive video to promote the event and the package Imagine offered. This would be achieved with a mix of shots covering the event and vox-pops with guests before and after.

Our Approach

Using our skilled crew, we flew to Edinburgh to meet with the client and progressed through our shooting schedule, meeting with staff at the Tattoo before preparing for a full evening’s shoot to cover as much of the event as possible. With our highly organised staff, we were able to keep on time and ensured we got the best footage we could to detail the fantastic event and engage with guests to record their wonder and reactions to the event. The results of this can be seen in our fantastic video available to watch on our Vimeo.

This brief presented an interesting challenge to Tailwind, and one we met head-on. The Military Tattoo has all broadcast and media rights owned by the BBC. Whilst we were allowed to film at the event and even permitted to set up on the show ground itself, several weeks of negotiations had to be made on what would be permitted in the final edit. Thankfully all footage was cleared thanks to strong and clear communication from the team.

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