The Project

A promotional film employing motion control to seamlessly transition between decades. One of our larger productions that included a complete studio set build, followed by editing the pieces of live-action/animation together, sound effects and further advanced processes such as compositing and colour correction.

‘Sport through the Ages’ Is a flagship film delivered by the creative team at Tailwind. Designed to showcase the latest 4K television, the film takes viewers through the emotions of some of the key sporting highlights over the decades. The advert was viral social media hit gaining over 1 million views on social media platforms and was played instore for over three months.

The Result

“The goal of the film was to demonstrate in an engaging way that while the way we feel when we watch sport, the emotions and the anticipation have not changed over the decades, the way we watch our favourite sports has. The aim was to create something to mark the start of the Rugby World Cup and to show the incredible technology we have on offer for watching sports. The film was used within our website, stores and our social media channels and was a big hit with audiences thanks to memories it evoked and the creative way it changed through the eras. Tailwind were, as ever, fantastic to work with and completely over delivered for us.”

Chris Brown, Senior Marketing Manager – CurrysPCWorld

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