Professional Portrait Photography

We think that getting portrait photography right is important because of the intimacy involved; as photographers, we are using an individual’s personality and appearance to convey something. They need to be seen in the right way in order to communicate the messages surrounding the image.

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Portraiture requires a relationship between the photographer and the subject. Portrait photography is a collaboration after all; the photographer uses the person’s likeness to broadcast the messages behind the piece and the subject relies upon the skill and style of the photographer to be portrayed correctly. This is why honesty and communication are key and are always kept in mind when we are shooting portraiture. To capture the best results on the camera, we need to cooperate off the camera.

The aim.

Portrait photography serves many purposes. It is an organic means of evoking, communicating, celebrating, and often remembering. Therefore preparation plays a significant role within our productions. We will work with you to understand the real motive behind the imagery, which we can then translate into photography terms and use things like background, lighting, pose, and composition to tell the true purpose of the piece.

Whether we are shooting formal portraits in a studio environment or more emotive portraits on location, you can depend on the knowledge and expertise of Tailwind to consistently deliver professional portrait photography.