Audio Visual Services

Behind every great event is a team of dedicated professionals keeping your speakers heard and your powerpoints on screen. Tailwind offer various audio visual services and support for your events with a range of lighting, audio and visual equipment and specialists.

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Support where you need it.

With years of technical experience across the field of events and audio visual support, we are able to deploy teams of professionals to help support you and your needs. Events can often present many challenges, but with Tailwind’s expertise, your technical needs will be taken care of.

We are able to support you with all that your event requires, from the hire of technical experts and stage hands, to rigging and operating equipment. From microphones to moving head lights and special effects, you will be in safe hands with the Tailwind team. We deliver the results you deserve.

Technical specialists.

Our production specialists have worked within many sectors of the events industry. From this, we have a deep understanding of the technical services required at different forums, from concerts to TV studios to large corporate meetings and showcases.

We are able to assist in making sure that your event’s technical aspects run smoothly and on time, seamlessly, and without stress. From brief and specification through to on-site support and beyond, our technical teams will work with you to realise your vision. We ensure the highest quality equipment is provided and installed professionally and safely so that your audio has the best clarity and visual elements are crystal clear.