Podcast Production Company

Podcasts are on the rise in popularity as they are more engaging and personal than a written piece of content that is too long for video. Podcasts are flexible in the way that consumers listen and what they listen to.

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Beautiful audio engagement.

We are a podcast production company with the skills and experience to help you communicate your message with your audience. Podcasts are easy to set up and produce as well as being a cost-effective way of communication and or training. Accessibility is an added bonus with podcasts helping to give information in a way that is accessible to those who have vision impairment or learning difficulties.

One of the best features of a podcast is the flexibility in where the consumer listens. Podcasts are available on computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and smart TVs. This means that these podcasts can be listened to anywhere at any time. In the car on the way to work? Connect your phone to Bluetooth and keep updated on the commute.

Cost-effective communication.

Typically, companies need to spread their message in as many ways as they can, across many different social media platforms to engage the largest number of consumers with their brand. But on the other hand, they also need to share important information internally with their staff. Whether this is training, wellbeing, or just company updates in general, this would normally be done with a weekly/monthly newsletter.

Even at the high end of producing a podcast show, this is still significantly cheaper than producing video content to convey the same message. For businesses with smaller media budgets, this is a perfect solution.

The benefits of Podcasting

Here are few standout reasons why we think podcasts are great.


Podcasts are a much more engaging internal form of media than a standard written company update. Unlike text, spoken and heard information can also help to make sure this content is interpreted in the way it was intended. This means that audiences are getting a sense of authenticity.


Businesses are looking for more ways to be more personable towards their customers and clients. Producing a podcast is perfect for this as it gives a voice and a personality to the company that consumers can relate to. Instead of reading about new products, consumers can hear the excitement in the voices of the business.


Podcasts are great for colleagues or consumers who may have a visual impairment or learning difficultly that impacts their ability to read content produced by you. This could also be used for colleagues or consumers where English may not be their first language.