The appearance of your printed or digital course materials really matters. Excellent design and quality printing of your training materials will boost the readability of their content as well as your all-important brand identity. You’re guaranteed to leave a lasting impact with Tailwind.

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Engage and inspire.

Creating your own training materials is time consuming and expensive. You have to plan, research, design, write, create and deliver. Our training material design service helps you to improve retention, learning and increases fun and enjoyment.

You only get one chance to make that first impression and our expert design team will help you to make it the right one by assisting you, reviewing and enhancing the exsisting courseware, or creating them from scratch with the help our internal creative team.

Connect and communicate.

We’re able to create artwork or training packages to either supplement video or to be standalone. We’ve created materials for brands such as Tesco, Arcadia and DHL and multiple pharmaceutical companies.

Bringing a training package together can be challenging at the best of times. We understand that, and that’s why Tailwind is here to support you. We have experts in all areas of training material creation, both in-house and externally. This means you’ll always get the best in class deliverables.