Partner with a creative team who care about effective learning and development as much as you do. We are very proud of the fact we have produced training content for brands such as Tesco, Curry’s PC World, British Gas and Philips. We know what works when it comes to training because we've been part of the revolution in L&D methods for over 10 years.

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Innovate, engage and improve.

Improve the effectiveness of your training with a creative team who know what they’re doing. We have a strong background of leading, guiding and implementing learning and development programmes within businesses. Our goal is to design and develop bespoke and engaging learning solutions and resources that are fresh, interactive and, most importantly, work.

We offer a tailored service to satisfy all your learning and development needs. Whether you require digital solutions, face-to-face solutions, training documents, collateral or a bit of them all – then we have it all in one place. Our in-house skillset includes video, e-learning, gamification, facilitation, design and photography.

We’re confident that the range of solutions we offer ensures your people will get the best content in the best way, and you’ll get the results that you need. Our clients are delighted with the quality of our content – a vital element in helping you achieve your L&D objectives.

Learn with Tailwind.

Training is evolving, and we’re seeing an increase in companies investing in blended, bitesize and on-demand learning solutions. Our in-house experts can come to you, review how you’re currently doing things and show you how we can help make a difference. We can transform your current content or create some from scratch, and we always aspire to make training less time consuming, more user-friendly, simple and accessible. We work closely with clients to ensure they each get the excellent, tailored service they need. One of our dedicated project managers will always be on-hand to guide you through each stage of the learning cycle and provide the quality assurance that you need.

Our team will analyse your needs, in order to fully understand your objectives and plan for a successful learning transfer back to the workplace. They will support you to design your content and choose the best delivery method for your learners. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the development of your solutions and help you deliver them too. Finally, to ensure you’re happy and your new solutions and resources make a difference and get the required results – we’ll have a full evaluation with you at the end.

Learning and Development in the workplace is evolving at a rapid pace, stay ahead of your competitors, and take the stress away, with Tailwind Learning and Development services.

Examples of our Learning & Development

Here are few standout pieces we’ve had the pleasure to work on.

Tesco DotCom eLearning

Tesco approached us to help with transforming their paper-based training to a digitally-led learning framework. We created a series of 30 videos with varying content for them. Our team handled the filming, logistics and editing of these. We provided our photography and design services to the project too. We produced bespoke photographs to enhance their e-learning and facilitated sessions, and developed facilitator notes, slideshows and handbooks. This work was launched across the UK and Ireland to great feedback and results.

Arcadia Change Programme

The ‘A Sale is a Sale’ programme was designed to maximise employee engagement across head offices and stores with the changes that the Arcadia Group are making to enhance customer engagement.

British Gas Safe & Sound

British Gas approached us to create an internal training video full of useful occupational safety advice that needed to be delivered in a quick and palatable format to ensure everyone’s being kept safe.