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Written by Clutch:

Tailwind Group are showing the world. As a full-service visual communication agency with years of successful collaborations under their belt, Tailwind Group has experience in a number of fields that help their clients show the world the power, uniqueness, and strength of their brand and business. The team has concentrated focuses on videos, events, design, and buying, and within these categories, Tailwind’s production, design, marketing, and strategy skills have created exceptional campaigns and content for a diverse range of partners and projects.

Thanks to their track record of consistency and commitment, Tailwind Group has recently been featured as one of the top video production companies in the United Kingdom, with business insight firm Clutch highlighting their trustworthiness as a partner to some of the biggest companies in the U.K.

Our team at Clutch, based in Washington, D.C., ranks firms on the quality of their market presence, experience, customer satisfaction capability, portfolio, and more, so such an analysis of how well Tailwind Group serves and operates firmly validates the strength of their team and their efforts. It’s clear that Tailwind pride themselves on collaborating closely with clients to draw out the very best of their messages and ideas and to cultivate exceptional products that deliver great results. When we passed the client feedback to Tailwind, following an independent review of one of their top clients, we could tell they were extremely pleased to hear such positive comments.

On Tailwind’s Clutch profile, which details additional aspects of their work, such as specific industry and service line focuses, John Adams, a current client of Tailwind Group and the learning and communication manager at Tesco UK PLC, particularly praised the caliber of their deliverables and project management style.

“We have piloted the new material with colleagues and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Employees claim that the quality of the videos is higher than any of the other videos they’ve seen within our company. We are very excited to see the final product go live,” beamed Adams. “I really appreciate Tailwind’s flexibility in all aspects of our project. They will bend over backward to accommodate our needs. They are adaptable in their approach to filming, setting a location, scaling the team, and any additional areas to assure we have the best possible experience.”

Tailwind very much appreciates being featured on Clutch as a great candidate for any company looking to fulfill their visual communications needs. Being tabbed as an industry leader among the U.K.’s best video producers is a great testament to how hard they’ve been working over the past 10 years. Please reach out to them if you want to speak directly to a Tailwind team member about any questions or ideas of your own.

A message from Tailwind Group “Thank you to the Clutch team and our wonderful clients for their support!”