be bold. be brave. be creative

By April 18, 2019 April 20th, 2021 Blog, Uncategorized

Everyone is afraid of something, and companies are no exception. When you’re fearful in the creative industry you hold back and deny your full potential. An experience of connecting the real you with the people you’re looking to relate to is lost.

What Tailwind Media has found through experience is that we would be cheating our clients if we were not courageous and innovative with our ideas and content. We’ve heard from our clients that many other media companies they’ve worked with in the past have delivered exactly what they’ve asked for but have been scared to try anything different. Essentially these creative companies are providing a robotic service with no heart.

We pitch boldly, no matter how ‘out there’ that idea might be, and we encourage our team to recognise themselves as creative consultants to our clients who are here to help them. Whenever we propose any new idea we always have our clients’ goals in mind but we also explore pushing the boundaries a client might have in regards to how media works for them.

When putting our ‘big & bold’ ideas out there we tend to find that balancing it out with a more standard or mainstream option gives them the ability to really think. Subsequently, our clients question their perception of video and if they feel they need to change their approach as a result of our ideas.

Changing the way a company fundamentally thinks is the most satisfying and rewarding result for us and keeps us hungry to keep pushing our clients boundaries.