Adapting to Environments

By April 18, 2019 April 21st, 2021 Blog, Uncategorized

We are all aware that animals need to adapt to their environments in order to survive. The Arabian camel can store fat in their humps as a food and water source while Lemur leaf frogs can camouflage their appearance to match their rain-forest surroundings.

To survive in an increasingly competitive market like media, being able to provide strategy and solutions for our clients’ needs is crucial. Being able to meet those needs and striving to exceed them next time around can be the difference between expanding your client relationship or you never working with that client again.

In a recent example, we filmed a panel discussion on International Women’s Day for a large U.K energy supplier. We were tasked with capturing video and audio of an unusually high number of speakers with no A/V company to assist. Upon arrival, on the day of filming, we were told by a panicked client that more speakers would be added to the panel discussion. We needed to regroup, we had to adapt to the situation put in front of us before we had even stepped through the door. Firstly, as a team we need to identify the obstacles, figure out how to work around them and collectively overcome them. Obviously, this situation isn’t ideal, exactly what you don’t want to hear when you think you have everything in place. Yet anyone in the media industry will tell you, things will not always go to plan when out on location or in a dark edit studio. This is the surviving part.

Deadlines, in our industry are often fluid, evolving and changing at short notice. This isn’t different to any other industry, but when you’re building a film (very much like a jigsaw puzzle) this is where you need strong team members who can act. Whether it’s a critical last minute change or having to finish a project earlier than expected (without sacrificing quality might I add) we must utilise the knowledge the team have built over the years in their craft. This is the only way you can thrive.

Looking to the future, it will be extremely exciting to be part of new technological developments in aerial drones, virtual reality and 360 video. Tailwind Media was at the forefront of the filming aerial drone launch back in 2012 when we had one of only five in the country. In an industry as harsh as this one you must continue to innovate with bold new ideas.

It’s not been easy, but like the Arabian camel in the desert, or the Lemur Leaf Frog in the rain forest, we have been able to survive and thrive in a challenging environment. We’ve done this as a business, and as individuals, by continually adapting to fit into the ever-shifting media landscape.