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    about us

    We have over 10 years experience in the media industry, working with a wide range of clients across a multitude of projects and industry sectors. We keep our core values of creativity and cost effectiveness at the heart of our operation, delivering powerful ideas and content which underpin the success of our clients brand strategies.

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    our services

    We really only have one service: delivering results. Good ideas and original concepts that will make your brand stand out and engage your audience. By working collaboratively, we help you to evaluate your requirements and deliver a focused strategy. Whether it is working with us on a single channel or across a whole range, our tried and tested methods get results.

    We operate from two offices in London and Bedford in the UK. Our team have unique skill-sets and are experts in their fields. From Video, Events, Design, Media Planning and Buying there isn’t much we can’t do.

    We love what we do and it’s an exciting time to show the world.

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    We have grown substantially over the last decade, recruiting an expert team. We never stop challenging ourselves as we strive to find better ways to do what we do. We constantly explore the latest techniques and technology to give you the product you want.

    Tailwind Group Bill

    bill graves

    managing director

    Tailwind Group Jim

    james pearce

    commercial director

    Tailwind Group Aaron

    aaron howard

    creative director

    Tailwind Group Tim

    tim lewis

    director of post-production

    Tailwind Group Matt

    matt bullard

    business development director

    Tailwind Group Rob

    rob collins

    senior producer

    Tailwind Group Andrew

    andrew marshall

    video & events producer

    lexy anderson


    Tailwind Group Dean

    dean hilton

    camera operator editor

    Tailwind Group Mich

    michelle wright

    production coordinator

    Tailwind Group Adam

    adam gardener

    head of events & exhibitions

    dan joseph


    kelly sambridge

    graphic designer

    Tailwind Group Jo

    jo beighton


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    Our clients include a real mix of global multinational companies to boutique service providers in specialist markets. We are incredibly proud of the diversity within our client base and the amazing solutions we’ve provided to them over the last decade. Here is just a small taste of our personal favourites. View more of our portfolio here.

    Video Production Services portfolio project - Dixons
    Video Production Services portfolio project - Pringles
    Video Production Services portfolio project - Philips
    Video Production Services portfolio project - Katherine Jenkins
    Video Production Services portfolio project - Dixons
    Video Production Services portfolio project - Dr Beckman
    Video Production Services - Krispy Kreme Doughnuts


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    • “When it came to pushing the creative boundaries of online film, we had an interesting concept that we brought to Tailwind. They were able to translate that concept into 4 highly entertaining, and highly effective films. Not only did consumers love them (achieving unparalleled engagement, view completion rates, and CPAs), but internally the work was also championed. The process of working with Tailwind was fantastic. They felt like an extension of my team, understanding the realities of how we operated, and delivering great work quickly. I highly recommend this great team.”

      frank mertens  |  groupon
    • “I’d had an idea and was really struggling to make it happen. After several false starts with another agency, Tailwind came to the rescue with a clever, cost effective and highly creative solution…a great example of thinking ‘Outside the Box’. The shoot went very smoothly, despite the presence of both animals and children! My thanks to the Tailwind Group team.”

      susan fermor  |  dr.beckman
    • “The goal of the film was to demonstrate in an engaging way the way we feel when we watch sport, the emotions and the anticipation have not changed over the decades, the way we watch has. The aim was to create something to mark the start of the Rugby World Cup and to show the incredible technology we have on offer for watching sports. The film was used within our website, stores and our social media channels and was a big hit with audiences thanks to memories it evoked and the creative way it changed through the eras. Tailwind were, as ever, fantastic to work with and completely over delivered for us.”

      chris brown  |  dixons carphone
    • “The aim of this project was to create multiple training videos to engage and educate our colleagues in preparation for launching RFID technology to our F&F clothing brand. We needed these films to be engaging, informative and to act as short tutorials. In providing Tailwind with a vision for the end products, the team generated multiple concepts whilst meeting the brief fully. The expertise at Tailwind seamlessly brought together motion graphics and real-time filming. The collaborative approach from Tailwind was exceptional and supportive at all stages of the process.”

      matthew jose  |  f&f
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